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6/30/2016Still OpenCenter of Excellence Criminal Investigations and Network Analysis
$4 million per year will be available for funding the Center and all direct and indirect costs for the selected Center lead and Partner applications.
Lead a consortium of universities for a Center for Criminal Investigations and Network Analysis (CINA)
US Department of Homeland Security
6/30/2016Still OpenFogarty Global Health Training Program (D43)
Application budgets are limited to up to $1.1 million direct costs/year per award.
Provides opportunities for up to five consortia to develop and support global health research training programs.
National Institutes of Health
7/5/2016Still OpenNIH Director's Early Independence Awards
up to $250,000 per year for up to 5 years.
The NIH Director’s Early Independence Awards provide an opportunity for exceptional junior scientists to accelerate their entry into an independent research career by forgoing the traditional post-doctoral training period.
National Institutes of Health
7/5/2016Still OpenORAU Events Sponsorship Grants
up to $4,000
Up to $4,000 can be requested to support events which involve participants from more than one ORAU institution.
Oak Ridge Associated Universities (ORAU)
7/14/2016Still OpenEMPOWER: Increasing Economic and Social Empowerment for Adolescent Girsls and Vulnerable Women in Zambia
$5 million
To fund a technical assistance project(s) to reduce the prevalence of child labor in targeted rural areas in Zambia.
US Department of Labor
7/20/2016Still OpenDRL Internet Freedom Annual Program Statement for Internet Freedom Technology
Awards will vary between $500,000 and $2,500,000 and grants must be completed in one to three years.
Promotes fundamental freedoms, human rights, and the free flow of information online through integrated support for anti-censorship and secure communications technology, advocacy, digital safety, and research.
U.S. Department of State
7/20/2016Still OpenProject to Reduce the Exploitation of Children in the Sava Region of Madagascar
$4 million total costs for one or more cooperative agreements
To fund a technical assistance project(s) in Madagascar to reduce child labor in the vanilla-producing areas of the Sava region of Madagascar.
US Department of Labor
7/28/2016Selection PendingPartnerships for International Research and Education (PIRE)
Average award size is expected to be approximately $4 million over 5 years.
NSF-wide program that supports international activities across all NSF supported disciplines. The primary goal of PIRE is to support high quality projects in which advances in research and education could not occur without international collaboration.
National Science Foundation
8/1/2016Still OpenImproving Undergraduate STEM education Pathways into Geoscience
Invites creative proposals to broaden and strengthen the pathways that will engage and retain undergraduate students in geoscience education and career pathways, and help prepare them for a variety of careers.
National Science Foundation
8/1/2016Still OpenImproving Workers' Understanding of and Ability to Protect and Claim their Labor Rights in Colombia
The overarching strategy for achieving this objective is establishing new or supporting one or more existing workers’ rights centers that workers can access in order to: a) learn about their labor rights under Colombian law; and b) receive legal services to assist them in claiming those labor rights.
US Department of Labor
8/2/2016Still OpenBridges to Baccalaureate Program (R25)
Application budgets are limited to $300,000 direct costs per year.  The maximum project period is 5 years.

This opportunity encourages applications that propose research education programs intended to enhance the pool of community college students from diverse backgrounds nationally underrepresented in biomedical and behavioral sciences who go on to research careers in the biomedical and behavioral sciences.This initiative promotes partnerships/consortia between community colleges or other two-year post-secondary educational institutions granting the associate degree with colleges or universities that offer the baccalaureate degree.
National Institutes of Health
8/2/2016Still OpenBridges to the Doctorate
Application budgets are limited to $300,000 direct costs, per year for a maximum of 5 years.
The over-arching goal of this NIGMS  R25 program is to support educational activities that enhance the diversity of the biomedical, behavioral and clinical research workforce.  To accomplish the stated over-arching goal, this FOA will support creative educational activities with a primary focus on Courses for Skills Development and Research Experiences.
National Institutes of Health
8/4/2016Still OpenCollections in Support of Biological Research (CSBR)
Awards are limited to $500,000 for up to three years.
Funds 1) for improvements to secure and organize collections that are significant to the NSF BIO-funded research community; 2) to secure collections-related data for sustained, accurate, and efficient accessibility to the biological research community; and 3) to transfer ownership of collections.
National Science Foundation
8/4/2016Still OpenAdvancing Digitization of Biodiversity Collections (ADBC)
$10,000,000 total amount available across all awards in this program for FY2016, pending availability of funds.
Seeks to enhance and expand the national resource of digital data documenting existing vouchered biological and paleontological collections and to advance scientific knowledge by improving access to digitized information (including images) residing in vouchered scientific collections across the United States.
National Science Foundation
8/4/2016Still OpenORAU Faculty Travel Grants Program
Facilitate travel by a faculty member to collaborate with researchers at ORNL, Y-12, ORAU laboratories or work sites, or another ORAU institution.
Oak Ridge Associated Universities (ORAU)
8/4/2016Still OpenConference for Early Stage HIV/AIDS Vaccine Researchers (R13)
Application budgets cannot exceed $100,000 direct costs per meeting per year. The project period must be three years, with a maximum of one meeting per year. 
Encourages applications to conduct intensive workshop/conference/meeting(s) that address the needs of early stage HIV/AIDS vaccine researchers as they translate preclinical research from nonhuman primates (NHPs) to human clinical trials.
National Institutes of Health
8/9/2016Still OpenPlatforms for Advanced Wireless Research: Establishing the PAWR Office
Administrative project management operations costs for the PPO are not expected to exceed $1 million per year for five years
Aims to support advanced wireless research platforms conceived by the U.S. academic and industrial wireless research community.
National Science Foundation
8/10/2016Still OpenCountering Violent Extremism Grants
Addresses the evolving landscape of international and domestic terrorism.
US Department of Homeland Security
8/11/2016Still OpenProject to Reduce Child Labor in Agriculture in Mexico
$7,000,000 total costs
One or more cooperative agreements to fund a technical assistance project(s) in Mexico to reduce child labor in targeted agricultural communities. The project will use an area-based approach in Oaxaca and one of the following states: Jalisco, Nayarit, Puebla, and Veracruz.
US Department of Labor
8/15/2016OpenNIOSH Centers of Excellence for Total Worker Health
The maximum amount (total cost) for each application is $1.3 million for the first 12-month project period; Project Period is 5 years.
Provides funding for Centers of Excellence for Total Worker Health®. Support of this program will further advance an emerging field of science and practice and address the needs of the 21st century workforce by means of research, intervention, and outreach activities.
Center for Disease Control and Prevention
8/15/2016OpenRobots in Manufacturing Environments Manufacturing Innovation Institute (RIME-MII)
Anticipates funding of $80M for this RIME-MII, distributed across five fiscal years. minimum 1:1 cost share.
These Manufacturing Innovation Institutes (MII) bring together industry, institutions of higher education, and federal and state agencies to accelerate innovation by investing in industrially relevant manufacturing technologies with broad applications.
US Department of Defense
8/18/2016OpenCancer Target Discovery and Development Network (U01)
$750,000 direct costs per year for up to five years
Focused on efforts that advance cancer research by bridging the knowledge gap between the rapidly increasing volumes of new data generated by comprehensive molecular characterizations of many cancer types and studies of the underlying etiology of cancer development, progression, and/or metastasis.
National Institutes of Health
8/22/2016OpenProject to Develop, Produce, and Distribute a Documentary Film about Rebooting the International Measurement System
$500,000 for a period of performance of up to 24 months
For the development, production, and distribution of a 60 to 90 minute documentary film on the subject of the complete overhaul of the world’s international system of measurement.
US Department of Commerce
8/25/2016OpenSocial Innovation Fund Pay for Success Grants
Grants will range between $350,000 and $1,800,000 each year over the three year project period.
Encourages the implementation of PFS projects in order to enhance the reach and impact of innovative community-based solutions in low-income communities.
Corporation for National and Community Service
8/25/2016OpenNational Hemophilia Program Coordinating Center
$800,000 per year for two years
Supports a center that will coordinate a collaborative national infrastructure of regional hemophilia networks to promote and improve comprehensive, quality care of individuals with hemophilia and related bleeding or clotting disorders such as thrombophilia
Health Resources and Services Administration
8/29/2016OpenDisability Education Funding for Deaf and Blind Children in Mali
Under this APS, USAID intends to award multiple grants and cooperative agreements ranging from $20,000 to $300,000 for a maximum period of performance of two years each.
To improve the quality and accessibility of education for deaf and blind children (DBC) through the promotion of inclusive education practices.
8/30/2016OpenResearch and Evaluation Grants
The minimum request for funding under this funding opportunity is $100,000 and the maximum request for funding under this funding opportunity is $250,000.
Grants are for a single researcher or group of researchers to analyze a topic that has direct implications for DOL programs, the labor force and the American worker.
US Department of Labor
9/1/2016OpenCenter of Excellence for Homeland Security Quantitative Analysis - Center Lead
Applications from U.S. colleges and universities to lead a consortium of universities for a Center for Homeland Security Quantitative Analysis
US Department of Homeland Security
9/12/2016OpenNEH Summer Stipends
Summer Stipends support individuals pursuing advanced research that is of value to humanities scholars, general audiences, or both for a period of two months.

National Endowment for the Humanities
9/26/2016OpenMajor Research Instrumentation Program (MRI)
Instrument acquisition or development proposals that request funds from NSF in the range $100,000-$4 million may be accepted from any MRI-eligible organization. Proposals that request funds from NSF less than $100,000 may also be accepted from any MRI-eligible organization for the disciplines of mathematics or social, behavioral and economic sciences.
The MRI program assists with the acquisition or development of a shared research instrument that is, in general, too costly and/or not appropriate for support through other NSF programs.
National Science Foundation