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11/28/2016Still OpenNIH Outstanding New Environmental Scientist Award (ONES) (R01)
The budget for direct costs will be limited to $250,000 per year, plus the portion of the additional $250,000 budget for career enhancement which distributed over a five year award period which is requested for that budgetary year.
Intended to identify the most talented Early Stage Investigators who intend to make a long-term commitment to research in the Environmental Health Sciences and assist them in launching an innovative research program focused on the understanding of environmental exposure effects on people’s health.
National Institutes of Health
11/29/2016Still OpenCultivating Cultures for Ethical STEM
The anticipated funding amount each year is $3,150,000 for an estimated 6-8 Standard Grants. The maximum award duration is 5 years. Size/duration are subject to the availability of funds.
Funds research projects that identify factors that are efficacious in the formation of ethical STEM researchers in all the fields of science and engineering that NSF supports.
National Science Foundation
11/29/2016Still OpenCoordinating Center for Population-based Research to Optimize the Screening Proces (PROSPR)(U24)
$1 Million per year; project period is five years.
Supports a Coordinating Center that will provide scientific guidance and support in certain areas to three PROSPR Research Centers (one each focused on cervical, colorectal, and lung cancer)
National Institutes of Health
12/1/2016Still OpenT Cell Reagent Research for the Study of Allergic Diseases
up to $600,000 direct cost per year; project period is up to five years
Seeking applications from single institutions, or consortia of institutions, proposing research to understand the role of allergen epitope-specific T-cell responses in the pathogenesis and treatment of allergic diseases including allergic rhinitis, asthma and food allergy, by utilizing allergen epitope-specific reagents.
National Institutes of Health
12/1/2016Still OpenRyan White HIV/AIDS Program Part A Planning Council and Transitional Grant Area Planning Body Technical Assistance (TA) Cooperative Agreement
$500,000 per year; project period is three years
provide comprehensive technical assistance to Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program Part A Planning Councils and Transitional Grant Area Planning Bodies that will enable them to enhance their abilities to successfully meet legislative responsibilities.
Health Resources and Services Administration
12/14/2016Still OpenMaternal and Child Environmental Health Collaboration Improvement and Innovation Network (CoIIN)
Up to $850,000 annually; project period is three years
Supports and improve coordinated systems of care within states to address the needs of maternal, infant, and child populations within those states that are at risk for or experience exposure to lead.
Health Resources and Services Administration
12/19/2016Still OpenLeveraging UNESCO Networks to Address the Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts/Design, and Math (STEAM) Gender Gap in Africa
The applicant will be expected to design a program that would utilize UNESCO’s extensive networks, broad reach, and respected reputation in Africa to support innovative, community-driven initiatives aimed at engaging and sustaining the interest of adolescent girls in STEAM-related fields.
US Department of State
12/19/2016Still OpenImproving HPV Vaccination Coverage Among Adolescent Patients: A Randomized Controlled Trial of AFIX and Remote Physician-to-Physician Engagement Strategies
The estimated total funding is $1.5M; the project period is three years.
Support a factorial design randomized controlled trial to evaluate the effectiveness of Assessment, Feedback, Incentives, eXchange (AFIX) and remote Physician-to-physician vaccine provider engagement strategies to increase adolescent human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccination rates and monitor the impact of immunization service delivery of other adolescent vaccines by vaccine providers serving the Vaccines for Children program in one or more state, local and territorial public health jurisdictions.
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
12/19/2016Still OpenRapid-Cycle Survey Collaborative for Provider Input on Immunization Issues
Supports a mechanism to obtain timely input from a nationally representative sample of healthcare providers on critical immunization issues of importance.
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
1/5/2017OpenNatural Experiments of Policy and Built Environment Impact on Diabetes Risk
up to $675,000 per year for up to five years.
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
1/9/2017OpenEnglish Language Programs (in Russia)
A cooperative agreement to provide technical and logistical support for English Language Programming in Russia.
US Department of State
1/9/2017OpenDisability Education Funding for Deaf and Blind Children in Mali
Under this APS, USAID intends to award multiple grants and cooperative agreements ranging from $20,000 to $300,000 for a maximum period of performance of two years each.
To improve the quality and accessibility of education for deaf and blind children (DBC) through the promotion of inclusive education practices.
1/9/2017OpenIntellectual Property Enforcement Program: Protecting Public Health, Safety, and the Economy from Counterfeit Goods and Product Piracy
up to $400,000
BJA encourages applications that demonstrate a jurisdiction’s holistic commitment to the prevention of IP theft through public education and outreach, enforcement of IP criminal statutes, and prosecution of violators.
US Department of Justice
1/9/2017OpenCommunity Characteristics Associated with Geographic Disparities in Diabetes and Cardiometabolic Health
varies by component
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
1/9/2017OpenAutism Transition Research Project
Approximately $500,000 is expected to be available annually to fund one (1) recipient.
Supports the implementation and completion of programmatic research studies that examine factors associated with healthy life transitions among adolescents and young adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) who are transitioning to adulthood.
US Department of Health and Human Services; Health Resources and Services Administration
1/16/2017OpenMiddle East Media Initiative
$1.5 M over a period of up to three years.
Supports trainings and creative collaborations between TV, media and digital professionals in the U.S. and the Middle East to engage the imaginations of viewers in the Middle East, especially young people, to highlight the vision of a modern, pluralist future.
US Department of State
1/17/2017OpenValidation of Survey Questions to Distinguish Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes Among Adults with Diabetes
The purpose of the FOA is to explore the development and validation of a set of questions that can be used on future surveys to indicate whether diabetic respondents have type 1 or type 2 diabetes. A secondary goal is to validate definitions of type of diabetes using electronic health record algorithms.
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
1/17/2017OpenAdvanced Manufacturing Projects for Emerging Research Exploration
Supports a targeted technology portfolio that accelerates research, development, demonstration, and deployment of these emerging technologies.
US Department of Energy
1/18/2017OpenInnovation Corps - National Innovation Network Nodes Program (I-Corps Nodes)
varies by track
The goal of the program is to dramatically reduce the period of time necessary to bring a promising idea from its inception to widespread implementation.
National Science Foundation
1/23/2017OpenTraining and Technical Assistance to Support Grantee Reporting
OVW will enter into a cooperative agreement with an entity selected through this solicitation to review, clean, and analyze data collected from grantee progress reports, maintain that information in a database, and work in partnership with OVW to fulfill reporting requirements, respond to data requests, and make data accessible and useful to OVW and its grantees.
US Department of Justice
1/26/2017OpenCommunity HIV Care and Treatment Activity
USAID/Ethiopia intends to provide $40 million in total USAID funding for the life of the activity. USAID/Ethiopia intends to award one (1) Cooperative Agreement pursuant to this RFA.
This community based activity will expand access to comprehensive HIV prevention, care and treatment services by reinforcing the role of communities in the delivery of comprehensive clinical and non-clinical differentiated care services.
1/26/2017OpenSahel Training Logistics Support Project
The goal of this agreement is to better enable INL to undertake successful training/workshop efforts through efficient and effective logistics management, coordination, execution, and follow up.
US Department of State
1/26/2017OpenNational Amber Alert Training and Technical Assistance Program
This program provides training and technical assistance support to enhance the national AMBER Alert network; increases and improves law enforcement response to missing, endangered, and abducted children; increases the recovery rate of abducted children; strengthens child alert systems in the nation's northern and southern borders to better protect American children abducted to or through foreign countries; creates greater community capacity in understanding broader issues related to exploitation and abuse of children; and enhances public participation in the recovery of missing, endangered, and abducted children.
US Department of Justice
1/26/2017OpenAddiction Technology Transfer Centers Cooperative Agreement
Anticipated Total Available Funding: $8.92 million; Anticipated Number of Awards:  11; Anticipated Award Amount:  ATTC National Coordinating Office: up to $1,175,294 (With $400,000 specific for OTPs); ATTC Regional Centers: up to $775,294; Length of project is five years.
The purpose of this program is to develop and strengthen the specialized behavioral healthcare and primary healthcare workforce that provides substance use disorder (SUD) treatment and recovery support services.
Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration
1/31/2017OpenLegal Assistance for Victims Grant Program
Awards in the range of $400,000 to $800,000.
Supports projects to increase the availability of civil and criminal legal assistance needed to effectively aid adult and youth victims of sexual assault, domestic violence, dating violence, and stalking who are seeking relief in legal matters relating to or arising out of that abuse or violence, at minimum or no cost to the victims.
US Department of Justice
1/31/2017OpenBoots to Business (B2b): from Service to Start-up Training Program
A maximum of $2.5 million in funding is available annually for up to five years. There is no minimum award amount. SBA anticipates awarding between one and four cooperative agreements from this announcement.
The purpose is to provide entrepreneurship training, curriculum updates, and program management support services for global delivery of the B2B two-day “Introduction to Entrepreneurship” classroom course (Intro) and the Foundations of Entrepreneurship online course (or comparable alternatives).
Small Business Adminstration
1/31/2017OpenGrants to Reduce Sexual Assault, Domestic Violence, Dating Violence and Stalking on Campus Program
The Campus Program typically makes awards for individual projects in the range of $250,000- $300,000 and for consortia projects in the range of $450,000-$750,000.
The Campus Program encourages a comprehensive coordinated community approach that enhances victim safety, provides services for victims and supports efforts to hold offenders accountable. The funding supports activities that develop and strengthen trauma informed victim services and strategies to prevent, investigate, respond to sexual assault, domestic violence, dating violence and stalking.
US Department of Justice
1/31/2017OpenMentoring Research Partners
OJJDP expects to make up to three awards of up to $150,000 each, with an estimated total amount awarded of up to $450,000.
Provides funding for research agencies or organizations to partner with mentoring programs that have been funded by OJJDP under the FY 2015 or FY 2016 Mentoring Opportunities for Youth Initiative to conduct project-specific, independent program evaluations.
US Department of Justice
2/1/2017OpenCybersecurity Innovation for Cyberinfrastructure
Resilient Security Architecture for Research Cyberinfrastructure awards will be supported at up to $1,000,000 total per award for up to three years. Cybersecurity Enhancement awards will be supported at up to $1,000,000 total per award for up to two years.
Develops, deploys and integrates security solutions that benefit the scientific community by ensuring the integrity, resilience and reliability of the end-to-end scientific workflow. This solicitation seeks unique ways to protect scientific instruments, resources, cyberinfrastructure and data that extend beyond building better perimeters and point solutions.
National Science Foundation
2/9/2017OpenScholarships in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (S-STEM)
varies by strand
The program seeks: 1) to increase the number of low-income academically talented students with demonstrated financial need obtaining degrees in STEM and entering the workforce or graduate programs in STEM; 2) to improve the education of future scientists, engineers, and technicians, with a focus on academically talented low-income students; and 3) to generate knowledge to advance understanding of how factors or evidence-based curricular and co-curricular activities affect the success, retention, transfer, academic/career pathways, and graduation in STEM of low-income students.
National Science Foundation
2/9/2017OpenMinority Youth Violence Prevention II: Integrating Social Determinants of Health and Community Policing Approaches
US Department of Health and Human Services
2/13/2017OpenMaternal and Child Health Research Network Program Children with Special Health Care Needs Network
Up to $1M per year; project period is five years.
The Network will lead, promote, and coordinate national research activities to advance and strengthen the evidence base related to key components of a comprehensive, high quality system of care for children with special health care needs.
US Department of Health and Human Services, Health Resources and Services Administration
2/16/2017OpenSoftware Infrastructure for Sustained Innovation
up to $1,500,000 is expected to be available for S2I2 Conceptualization awards
S2I2 awards are intended to establish long-term hubs of excellence in software infrastructure and technologies, which will serve a research community of substantial size and disciplinary breadth.
National Science Foundation
2/16/2017OpenHuman Trafficking Training and Technical Assistance Program
One award of $1M, for a 36-month period of performance.
The program combines the leadership of DOJ and the expertise of nationally recognized criminal justice practitioners and action research experts to deliver a wide variety of TTA to law enforcement and criminal justice systems involved in human trafficking task forces across the nation. Programs funded under this solicitation are intended to have a national impact.
US Department of Justice